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Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dental implant technology has progressed so much that almost anyone can be a prospect for dental implants. The old solutions that were used to fix missing teeth, such as dentures, crowns and bridges, are not easy to preserve and give only short-term results.

Missing teeth can cause:

  • difficulty eating
  • trouble speaking
  • embarrassment when smiling

Permanent dental implants are the closest substitute for real teeth. They are:

  • natural-looking
  • natural-feeling 
  • easy maintenance

Dr. Botbol focuses on each individual case and together with you, develops a personalized dental implant treatment plan. Each treatment plan is:

  • tailor-made to your particular needs, whether you are missing one or more or all of your teeth
  • long-term benefits taken into consideration
  • best aesthetic results are of utmost importance

When you schedule your first appointment, an extensive consultation will be done in order to assess which dental implant procedure best suits your needs.

Dental implants have been done on patients taking medications and those who have cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Dr. Botbol will examine your complete medical history to ensure your safety and that no complications occur with the procedure. 


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