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Multiple Teeth Missing

Multiple dental implants are the best solution if you are missing several teeth and wish to prevent further bone loss and the breakdown of facial structure.

Dental Implants versus Traditional Dental Bridge

  • With the current advances in dental implant technology, dental implants are now regarded as the normal and most beneficial treatment plan for someone missing several teeth.
  • However, the common treatment done since most dentists are not trained in dental implant procedures is a fixed dental bridge or a removable partial (mini-denture) that are wrapped around healthy teeth using wire clasps.
  • A dental bridge requires that two nearby healthy teeth are filed down so that they can support an artificial tooth bridge – permanently damaging the healthy teeth.
  • Usually what occurs down the line is that the teeth supporting the bridge are damaged enough that they too are lost and a longer bridge is necessary and it lasts for even less time.

Benefits Include:

  • Better quality solution if you are missing several teeth
  • Remaining healthy teeth are not affected
  • Improved lost tooth root

Each tooth need not be replaced by its own implant, so fewer implants are used to replace more of the missing teeth.

Repair Your Smile

  • Usually two or more dental implants are used to replace several missing teeth.
  • For 4-6 months after the implants are placed, the patient wears a “flipper”, a removable appliance that acts as replacement teeth during this time.
  • After this recovery stage, the procedure is completed by attaching the permanent replacement teeth once the implant has bonded.
  • In specific cases when immediate load implants are restored immediately, it may be possible to avoid a longer recovery stage and a “flipper” may not be needed.

Approximate cost for 3 teeth - $12,000 to $15,000.

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