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Problems with Missing Teeth


The adverse effects of missing teeth can be damaging to your oral health and impair your aesthetic appearance. 



  • problems doing everyday activities like chewing, smiling, and speaking
  • social situations become difficult
  • you can feel older and less attractive
  • attempt to hide missing teeth and avoid smiling which can cause difficulty in job interviews and when meeting people

Strong, healthy teeth give self-confidence and pride, thereby allowing you to be more social and feel more comfortable around others. 


  • A full set of healthy teeth is required for strong, healthy jawbone and gums
  • A space caused by one or more missing teeth increases the odds of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • The space in the gum also puts extra stress on the remaining teeth.
  • The pressure can cause the angles of healthy teeth to become distorted and affect the gum and bone structure, leading to healthy teeth becoming loose.
  • A weak jawbone is another consequence of missing teeth since bone density decreases and continuously depletes so long as the tooth is missing.
  • Jawbone will begin to appear smaller as time progresses if the problem is not fixed. 


  • difficult to enjoy many foods without a full set of healthy teeth
  • those with missing teeth are often limited to eating only soft foods
  • cannot enjoy harder foods that they used to take pleasure in eating

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