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CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implant Technology

If you are a patient who...

  • would prefer a more natural solution for missing teeth • have metal allergies or sensitivities and cannot benefit from metal implants 
  • want a new smile quickly with minimal surgeries and short recovery time

...then CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants may be the perfect solution that will change your life. CeraRoot implants are 100% metal-free dental implants where an all-ceramic crown is placed over an all-ceramic implant.

Some of the Countless Benefits of CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants include:  

  • CeraRoot implants are engineered with state of the art technology and cutting-edge precision so  they have the look, feel and function of a natural tooth.  
  • In many cases, where there is sufficient bone density and the area is not infected, it is possible to place the implant directly through the gums in a minimally invasive surgery.  
  • CeraRoot implants provide natural, holistic implant approach that is safe for those with metal  sensitivities or allergies because they are 100% metal-free
  • CeraRoot implants bio-compatible because they are all-ceramic. There have been no reports of  allergic reactions because they are tissue and body friendly.  
  • With CeraRoot implants you can enjoy your new smile sooner with a simple one-stage surgery.  These implants are designed for immediate placement following extraction, so there is no need  for multiple surgeries and extended recovery time.  
  • CeraRoot implants are “white” and 100% metal-free so there is no worry that gums surrounding the tooth will recede to reveal metal or grey lines.  
  • At our office, we want to provide our patients with the exceptional care they deserve so we offer affordable options for all treatment, including CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants.

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