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Guided Surgery for Dental Implants

How Guided Surgery Works

  • unique treatment method because it is personalized to each patient’s individual case
  • takes into account all aspects of your clinical situation
  • optimizes your treatment plan for implants

In many cases, this can be achieved with the All-on-Four method where only four implants are used.    The All-on-Four method consists of:

  • four implants
  • a brand new set of replacement teeth attached to the implants
  • all completed in just one day

  Dr. B is an expert in the All-on-Four dental implant method and can provide  you with a permanent, fully-functioning and as close to natural as possible  set of replacement teeth in the shortest amount of time.   Regardless of which implant method is best suited for you, all implant  patients leave our office satisfied with new custom implant-supported teeth  that help you feel and look your best!   Click on the link below to see how it is done  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO_IBtaH8P8

1. Dental and Oral Health Exam

A thorough dental examination is completed by Dr. B and his  professional team   

2. CT Scan

A dental CT scan (3D x-ray of your entire jaw and mouth) is taken to  act as a guide throughout the planning and implementation of the  implant procedure. During the scan, you may need to wear a custom  template in order to establish the tooth and jaw positions. Dental CT  scans use much lower radiation than medical CT scans.   

3. Treatment Plan

Dr. B and his surgical and restorative team will organize a personal  treatment plan for you   

4. Dental Impression

An impression (model) is taken of your teeth. For those with dentures, an impression is taken of the gums.  

5. Surgical Guide Fabrication

Using the dental impression and CT scan as a guide, a computer will  formulate a customized guided dental implant surgery plan to ensure  accuracy and precision when the dental surgeon places the dental  implants, leading to most favourable results.  

6. Guided Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

This is the stage where the dental implants are placed in your mouth.  The dental surgeon will determine whether temporary teeth must be placed securely on top of the implants while your permanent teeth are  created by the restorative dentist and lab.   

7. Placement of Final Teeth

The temporary teeth are removed and replaced by your new  permanent teeth which are securely anchored to the implants. At this  time, you are also fitted for a protective bite splint to minimize  pressure on your replacement teeth.   

8. Smile!

  Your Guided Dental Implant Surgery is complete. It’s time to show off  your striking new smile!    It is important to schedule regular follow-up appointments and maintain oral hygiene in order to ensure that implants look and function their best long term. Repair and maintenance is normal over the lifetime of dental implants.  

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