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Socket Grafting

What is Socket Grafting? 

Socket Grafting is a procedure which reconstructs the bone and prepares it for tooth replacement via implants or bridges. The socket is the area of bone where the tooth is rooted; the bordering bone is highly sensitive and deteriorates at a fast rate when tooth is removed.

Benefits Include:

  • Repairs deteriorated teeth and bones following serious periodontal disease or severe injury and prevents further deterioration
  • Prevents increased bone loss that can negatively affect the surrounding tooth if the socket is left vacant
  • Avoids further infection to highly sensitive socket area
  • Prevents oral health risks
  • Maintains optimal aesthetic appearance

The Procedure

  • When the tooth has not already been lost, the procedure begins with the removal of a tooth
  • The socket must be completely emptied and cleaned of any residual root particles
  • Suitable bone grafting material is used to fill the socket and create a foundation for the reconstruction
  • It usually takes several months for the grafted bone to fuse with the natural bone successfully and for it to heal fully, before the implants or bridgework can be completed

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